Rider Wash saves us money by helping us keep our equipment running all of the time.

Bill Sartor
San Antonio, Texas

Many companies sell vehicle wash equipment. Most install some equipment, take your money and disappear into the night. Rider Wash is different. We want to be your partner in the vehicle wash business.

Time is money. When your system is down, whether it's one device or the entire system, your wash will not perform at its best. This costs you money and frustrates your customers.

Our technicians are factory-trained by all of our manufacturers and are available 24/7. Our goal is to diagnose and solve your problem with one trip. By carrying a large inventory of the most common repair parts, you can be assured that you will rarely have to wait for parts from the factory. And if we do have to order parts, our expediting process ensures that the parts arrive promptly and are installed immediately.

Our “PM” services keep your system operating at peak efficiency by periodically checking critical components, lubricating moving parts, checking motor amp draws and chemical concentrations. PM services allow us to identify problems before they bring your system down, avoiding emergency call-outs and down time.

We stock over 4000 different parts, chemicals and vending items in our warehouse. If you call today, stock items will be delivered tomorrow. We will even set delivery appointments to ensure that you won't have to wait around for us. This allows you to carry low levels of chemicals and other items, saving you money and requiring less storage space.